Sugar Candy Mountain is proud to be known for our ethics within the fashion industry and the efforts we make to help Fashion become less wasteful. We like to think of our customers as environmentally-mindful women, and in today's political climate it is imperative to stay aware of the ever-changing chaos in Washington. Aside from the present Midterm Election, one of the most interesting current events is surrounding Juliana v. The United States.

For those who don't recognize the court case, a grassroots organization of American teenagers called Our Children's Trust is suing the United States government for neglecting the science that has been laid out to them over the years, leaving an insecure future for the coming generations. Originally filed in 2015, the plaintiffs are arguing that five decades of federal negligence has compromised their constitutional right for 'life, liberty, and property'. With the help of Oregonian attorney, Julia Olson, twenty-one youth plaintiffs are working to prevent further environmental damage at the expense of our government. 

Similar youth-run climate litigation movements are seen from all over the world. Following Sweden's hottest summer to date, 15-year-old student Greta Thunberg decided in September 2018 to protest in the most effective way she knew. Going on strike, refusing to go to school until Sweden’s general election in order to draw attention to the climate crisis. To give some information about why she would protest, she handed out leaflets with a direct quote saying "I am doing this because you adults are shitting on my future."

Another example is from April of 2018 in Columbia: 25 activists between the ages of 7 and 25, successfully won a landmark climate lawsuit against their government. The ruling required both the president and the ministries of environment and agriculture to develop an intergenerational pact for the life of the Colombian Amazon within four months. These executive agencies were tasked with reversing the trend of deforestation and reaching net zero emissions by 2020 to comply with existing commitments under the Paris Agreement.

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