Beginning her career as a performance artist, Los Angeles-based artist Math Bass notable style finds expression through a handful of mediums spanning painting, sculpture, sound, and video. She completed her B.A. from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA in 2003 and finished her graduate studies at USC in 2011.


Sugar Candy Mountain - Math Bass


Bass's painting styles have been critically noted as appearing as if they conduct a narrative within a foreign, symbolized font.



Minimal and crisp contrasts between the geometric objects and beige backgrounds on each canvas invoke an otherworldly experience for the viewer, as the everyday objects like cigarettes are laid out in a surrealist fashion.



Before Bass's paintings received attention from notable institutions like the Hammer Museum, she was an active performance artist. Actively including some of her own sculptures, poetry, and songwriting in her performances, she would strived to create an experience within the space between herself and the audience. 



In an interview with Mia Locks of Art Journal Open, Bass explains that the transition from throwing a bucket of chicken food at live chickens (while naked) from atop a ladder, to using tarps as a mean to conceal herself was to cope with the anxiety of performing.



"Everyone who performs live has to grapple with that anxiety. You have to bring that ecstatic nervous energy in order to be fully present. For me, it went from being generative and exciting to making me feel depleted. I didn’t want to do it anymore. Now I’ll perform collectively, but it is still really intense for me."



Bass's work can be found at LACMA, the Hammer Museum, MCASD, and Yuz Museum in Shanghai. 



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